What’s up fishing fans! I hope everyone is doing well. Up here in the north east, the tournament season is in full swing. With that, something that I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now has finally happened. I’ve started a blog! Within this blog is a monthly recap from both tournament competition and guiding, as well as a template of sure fire ways for YOU to catch Giant Bass!

A lot of my followers are not tournament anglers, they are hard working, blue collar guys that simply don’t have enough time to fish as much as they’d like to. The little time they do have to fish, they want it to be productive and catch ‘em up!

One gripe I hear from guys regarding articles like this is there’s too much advertising and not enough substance. Well guess what, not a single brand or specific product is mentioned or ever will be. You guys know my sponsors already, no sense in beating a dead horse. 

Since this is a recap, you will be a month behind the curve. But since these posts will live forever on the web you and thousands of new anglers for years to come will have access to the content. To reach an even broader audience, I’ve teamed up with THE BASS CAST to give this blog a home. So huge shoutout to Brian and team! They do a tremendous job of covering the tournament scene at all levels in bass fishing. 

In closing, I hope you guys enjoy the content and it helps you have some incredible days on the water! Thank you so much for your support! 

Tight Lines!